After PocketGamer and MGF London 2016

Hey everyone, just a quick update from us after the PGCLondon and MGF2016. We had a really good time at both events, and came back full of new knowledge and motivation to make our game. We’d gladly answer any of your questions regarding the events (if you have any). So don’t be shy and leave a[…]


Reboot Infogamer

Hi there! Sorry for missing a blog post on Monday, but we had to take a day to gather all our thoughts after attending the Reboot Infogamer this past week. The event was huge. It had everything from big companies with huge booths, the latest in VR, e-sports events, cosplayers, tabletop games and also an[…]


The “scacciapensieri” makes the foley sound funny – Let’s see how

Foley is defined as the process of replicating everyday sound effects. A typical example of foley recordings are the sounds of footsteps that are commonly added into movies in order to increase the realism of the scenes that otherwise would remain awkwardly silent. Needless to say the way in which foley is made depends on[…]