Leaderboard resets as interesting statistics come in!

Hey folks.

The Fur Fight open beta has been online for a few weeks now. We have a couple of hundred players now and interesting statistics are already coming in. Thanks to every single person that tried out the game! You, the early adopters, are what keeps us going on those frustrating¬†days when we just want to smash our laptops against the wall and move to Tahiti. ūüôā

Google Play update

Today, we rolled out the third update to the Google Play open beta. We have committed ourselves to updating the game every 2-3 weeks. In the latest update, we fixed a lot of bugs, made some changes to the UI and reworked the lobby logic. A lot of work has been made on the logic hidden to the user, to make the game more stable. The next update, which will come out sometime in May, will have the tutorial implemented, as well as some polish added to the gameplay visuals.


The leaderboard was reset today¬†because we are changing some of the¬†logic there. Congratulations to all the players that came out on top of this first not-really-a-season of Fur Fight! I obviously wasn’t very¬†good¬†and finished 33rd. The first place goes to player MALI. We have rewarded MALI with the Crown helmet!

Leaderboard 27.4.
Interesting stats

Here is some of the analytics data we received from the players.

1. Combined playtime of all players: 115 hours

2. Map of users (darker areas have more players)

Fur Fight users map

3. Total gold rewarded: 45,156 coins

4. Most unlocked items:

  1. Fantasy Sabre & throwing knife (17x)
  2. Feather Band (13x)
  3. Ninja Bow (11x)

5. Most played characters


6. Most played powerups

We received a lot of feedback through¬†our in-game “send feedback” form. Thanks to everyone that contributed! Keep on writing, feedbacks are always welcome and we try to apply as many of your suggestions¬†as possible.

Till next time.

– Gorazd

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