Fixing things for the Beta update

Hey people!

Team Red Panda still working hard in sunny and warm Kuala Lumpur. It’s not bad, I have to say, currently around optimal 30°C. The temperatures in Europe went below -10°C this winter and personally, I’m very glad to have spent this time in the tropic latitude. We still haven’t said goodbye to hoodies, though… In Malaysia, the air conditioning in the offices (and malls, Uber cars, bars… basically everywhere) is set to freezing temperatures, so it’s still not quite like the summer we are used to. Well, at least it’s warm in our apartment 🙂

Okay, okay… But what’s going on in development?

Ok, about work now. The primary goal these weeks is to make all parts of Fur Fight work and make sense to the player. Mostly I’m talking about working on the menus, adding some features and reworking some others. During the long development we’ve experimented a lot with different UI approaches, but now we have to finalize the design and display it so that every player will understand it in a few seconds.


Kaja, the lead artist, has been working on unifying the art and working on small tweaks that will improve your experience with the app. Besides that, she created a new icon for our game, made some concept art for our new characters and lots of other smaller things.

Amur Leopard - concept art

 Amur Leopard – concept art

Obviously, we’re working on new characters as well. The art production for them is well underway. Matjaž, our animator, already made most of the 3D animations of the new three characters – Amur Leopard, Polar Bear and Echidna.


Blaž, the lead developer, is working on implementing all that art that Kaja creates. Besides that, he’s working on a bunch of other things – implementing analytics events, reworking the lobby, fixing friends features, finalizing chest system… He’s pretty overwhelmed with work since.. Well, since we started, really 🙂


Yeah, we’ve started with the sound production again. Matteo, the fourth co-founder of Team Red Panda is working on the missing sounds right now. Most of them are sound effects for the menus.


Yeah, I’m in the “other” category. I’m doing a bunch of random stuff, as I always do.
I’ve spent a lot of time setting up the databases and visualization tools for analytics of Fur Fight. Yeah, we’re going to track your every movement, muahaha! No, just kidding. But as with every game on the market, you have to analyze players’ actions, learn about the problems they’re facing and fix them in the next update. Anyway, for analytics, we went with the Google’s Firebase-BigQuery-Data Studio solution. It seems it’s the best option for us, and it’s only early days for those services, so it’s probably going to get even better. In Google we trust.
Besides analytics, I’ve made a short comic book style animation video about the story of Fur Fight. It’s going to be published with the beta update 😉

Fur Fight's story teaser

 Fur Fight’s story teaser

Yeah, yeah… When is beta going to be updated, so we can play?!

Sorry, I still can not give you an exact date :). I can tell you, it’s definitely going to happen before the end of March. After the update, we’ll keep it open for 3 weeks, when all of you will be able to play the game and criticize it heavily. The new version is going to include a majority of all the features we plan to have at launch. It’s a real beta version (you know, the one that comes after alpha and is mostly the final product), so we’ll be checking if all the things work as we planned. We’ll be able to gather some analytics data and hopefully a lot of written feedback from you guys!

Talk to you soon, stay tuned.

– Gorazd

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