Fur Fight update

Hey guys!

And again, Team Red Panda fails to keep you up to date :). Yeah, we know, it’s been a long time since the last blog post. We promise to be more active from now on. So, we are still in Kuala Lumpur, working hard on the development of Fur Fight. The game is coming along nicely, and a big update to our beta is coming out very soon.

Things we were working on

Since you last heard from us, the game has made a significant progress. The meta game has progressed the most. Collecting gold after the round, unlocking new assets, opening chests, leaderboards… all done! Important things still to do in the meta are achievements, playing with friends, weapon and powerup upgrading.

A lot of tweaking and polishing of the menus has been done. Kaja, lead artist, did the splash screen and our tech artist is working on some visual effect in the game. Take a look at our video update:

How we optimized the controls

Here in GameFounders accelerator, we have a weekly playtest session with students of various local universities. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been testing out multiple variations of controls systems since that was the thing you guys complained about the most. We did a few tweaks on the movement control, but mostly we changed the attack buttons.
Newcomers had a hard time using the aiming controls, which gave them a negative initial feeling (something you absolutely don’t want with the new players). The solution we have come up with is simple: TAP to auto-aim, SWIPE to manually aim. Auto-aim still aims only in a 100° range in front of you. This makes the game easy to play, but still hard to master, since there is a lot of situations where manual aim will get you more kills.

Up next – Beta update in March!

We’re getting ready for the new Android beta update. It’s coming in March and it’s going to be pretty huge! All the focus is set on that.
Currently, we are coding the “friends” features. You’ll be able to add in-game friends and invite them to play with you. We are also dealing with iOS porting, which is proving to be a bit of a struggle, but we’ll get there, don’t worry.

In the art department, a bunch of minor tweaks to the UI are being done. The animations of the new characters are starting this week. We’ll be adding new powerups as well, the visuals are almost ready. We’ll show it to you in the next update! We’re also working on our promotional video, which will be unveiled in a couple of weeks, when the beta update comes out.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the next updates.

– Gorazd, Team Red Panda

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