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Team Red Panda came back to Europe, after spending almost 3 months in the GameFounders accelerator office in Kuala Lumpur. It’s been a hard transition from 25-30°C in Malaysia to 0°C in Europe. So right now we are freezing, but not for long – the core team is going back to Kuala Lumpur in a week!


Eternal summer in Kuala Lumpur

The decision for moving back to Malaysia for another 5 months came from a productivity point of view. The work environment is very good there, we have a lot of support from GameFounders, there are no everyday distractions like at home and life is not more expensive than in Slovenia. Also the winter is much more pleasant there (there is no winter) and life is exciting. Obviously, we have moved before and didn’t stumble upon any major problems, so the decision didn’t have a lot of downsides (well ok, no skiing this year). The rest of the team is well adapted to remote work. When we come back in April, we expect Fur Fight to already be available on app stores.

We are still working hard on Fur Fight development. The meta game is slowly coming together. We have a new development partner now – EJaw based on Ukraine. They are an awesome team, which is also a part of the GameFounders family and they are now doing some coding for us. It’s a good fit, because they are developing their own realtime multiplayer game based on twin stick controls and Photon networking solution.

Meanwhile, we are talking with multiple mobile publishers about partnering up and successfully delivering a good product to the mobile market. No deals yet, but the game is sparking lots of interest and we are confident that we’ll find a good partner to help our small team launch and run the game.

Keep in touch, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news!

– Gorazd

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