Kuala Lumpur life

Hey fellow Fur Fighters!

It’s been a loooong time since we last updated you. Sorry for that, Team Red Panda is very busy and I’ll try to explain whats going on. Also we don’t have a PR person any more, so that’s a bummer. But life is a thrill right now and that’s great ūüėČ

GameFounders Asia accelerator

So what’s new with us? Well for starters the core team has been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a month and a half now. We are taking part in the GameFounders¬†accelerator’s 3-month program which has been a big deal for our team.¬†We were one of the¬†9 best applicants that got into this years fall programme in Malaysia.

Teams come from all around the world

Teams come from Slovenia,  Russia, Egypt, Colombia, Korea, Brazil, Malaysia and Ukraine

GameFounders are providing us with a lot of support. First of all they invite a lot of industry expert mentors to the office and they give a lot of very useful advice on every possible game development topic there is. Usually they first have a 1 hour long seminar and then we do 1:1 mentoring with them. GameFounders can connect us to basically any person in the gaming industry which is awesome. Regular playtests with students from the area are organized, we get a lot of feedback from them. And last but not least, they provided us with an investment, so we have a longer runway now.

We made a lot of new friends here. All the other teams in the accelerator are very cool people and I’m sure we’ll see them again even after we leave Malaysia. Plus it’s very interesting to hang out with the top indie startups.

What’s it like in Malaysia?

Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur surprised us a lot. Mostly in a good way. Kuala Lumpur is a very¬†modern city, with LOTS of very high skyscrapers, especially in Bangsar part where we live. But it’s not just concrete! There is a surprising amount of trees and even forests inside the city itself. Even monkeys live in these¬†small forests¬†and that is really awesome to see.

Exploring the Chilling Waterfall, near KL

Exploring the Chilling Waterfall near Kuala Lumpur

Apart of the rush hour traffic jams there’s not much to complain about. Well, actually I do miss one thing – knives. Here they only use spoons, forks and chopsticks ūüôā¬†It’s nice¬†to see so many different cultures and religions (Malay is Islamic, Chinese Buddhist, Indian Hindu,…) in one place. We’ve learned a lot about eastern cultures and South East Asia in general.

We’re renting a 3-bedroom apartment on the 18th floor of a really nice building, so we have a very nice view over the surroundings ūüėÄ

The view from our apartment

The view from our apartment :)


Stay tuned for more about what’s going on¬†here in Kuala Lumpur¬†ūüėČ


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