Beta update 1 (ver 0.11)

Hello Fur Fighters 🙂

First of all I would like to thank everyone that sent us feedback of any kind during the first week of beta. You helped us find quite a few bugs. Some were very obvious and some were very sneaky to find and fix.

With this update we are also happy to announce we managed to fix all the iOS specific problems and are launching the iOS beta version as part of the update.  Yaaay! 🙂 iOS beta will be available on 22.7.2016 at 6pm CEST.

I would also like to point out that people with the new update won’t be able to play against people that keep the old version on their Android phones, so please update as fast as you can to get rid of the bugs and join your iOS brothers and sisters.

Lets go through the changes we made for our first beta update.


Lobby/GUI changes:


 Start Round button now available to all players in the room

We were debating weather to change the Lobby so the game automatically starts when 2/3/4 players are in the game or to change the “start round” button so that every player has it.

In the end we decided to go with the second option, so now every player in the lobby can start the round. We decided to go this route so friends can still wait for everyone before starting the round.

We added a small ping indicator to the top left corner of the in game screen, so people have an easier time seeing how good their connection to our servers are.

Balance changes:

For the balance changes we used both your feedback and some statistics (character pick %, character win %, average character score, …) when trying to figure out which characters need a slight change in their statistics. We found out that the Lemur and Slow Loris are a bit too strong at the moment, while Meerkat is a bit too weak. A lot of the changes are really small, because we think its easier to get to a balanced state by making small changes over every balance update and seeing how it reflects in our statistics and player feedback.


Red Panda:RedPanda

-basic attack:

  • reduced charge distance by ~10%

-special attack:

  • reduced cooldown by 0.5s (now 4s)
  • reduced damage by ~10%

The red panda was the most balanced character. The only frequent complaint was that he is too fast, because he can also use his basic attack as a movement tool to get around, so we reduced the “charge distance” a bit.



-basic attack:

  • reduced projectile speed by ~10%

-special attack:

  • reduced projectile speed by ~10%
  • reduced damage by ~10%
  • increased cooldown by 0.5s (now 4.5s)

-reduced movement speed (now 3.2 units/s)

The lemur was considered the most overpowered character by many of you, so we made his abilities travel a bit slower, so they are harder to hit / easier to evade. We also made him move a little slower, so he can’t kite as well as before.



-basic attack:

  • increased range by ~10%

-special attack:

  • reduced cooldown by 1s (now 3.5s)
  • reduced damage by ~10%

-increased movement speed (now 3.4 units/s)

The most frequent complaint was that his basic attack can be very hard to hit so we increased the range a little. The second was that he has a hard time catching people, so we reduced the cooldown on his “charge” special attack and also increased his movement speed by a very small amount.


Slow Loris:SlowLoris

-basic attack:

  • increased delay (“in air time”) by ~10% (now 0.6s)

-special attack:

  • increased cooldown by 0.5s (now 5s)

-reduced movement speed (now 3.1 units/s)

Slow Loris in the hands of a good player was way too slippery, so we increased his special attack (teleport) cooldown and decreased his movement speed by a small amount.

Hopefully the changes in this update make for an overall more balanced game. We will be keeping a close eye on all the numbers and will be making further balance changes based on your feedback and our analytics in the future updates.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the arenas 🙂

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