Beta release: Behind the camera

We gathered at Gorazd’s place, because his living room is a way better place to film a video than our windowless office. We started around 5pm to prepare everything for the live video stream.

During the preparations we noticed that one guy has already gotten Fur Fight beta from the store and we decided to play a few games with him to test if the game is working. He was just brutally pwning all of us. He won in all the rounds which shocked us a bit but as we saw that the thing works as intended our nerves calmed a bit.

As we were playing, our sound guy Matteo was preparing the microphone and the filming setup and when we wanted to try if everything is working nothing worked as it should. The sound had a lot of noise and we had to change the cell phone with which we were filming the video and move the television where the stream was playing. Only then we could finally go through the things we planned to tell you. As we were getting closer to the 8pm the tension was building up and we were just nervously checking and thinking if everything is as it’s supposed to be and if we haven’t maybe forgotten something. I checked the drafts for the email at least a gazillion thousand times and found a bug in the link to the store that we fixed approximately an hour before the start. 30 minutes before the beginning of live stream we posted the last links to our page to all of the Indie groups on Facebook and the atmosphere got even tenser. Gorazd was jokingly calming everybody that we actually shouldn’t be nervous. After all it’s only going to be us in the room and nobody else :D. And that in an hour everything will be over :P.

Then the last 5 minutes came and they went by like seconds and Gorazd’s roommate Vid, who was in charge of the camera started a count down and “BAM!” we were live on FB!

Gorazd made a funny intro and the thing started. I shared the news on Instagram and Facebook and people started to drip slowly to our stream. After a short introduction and the apology to the iOS users who had to wait a bit more for the beta to be available for their devices, there came a moment when the team on the couch started counting down and as they reached zero I clicked the send button and my mind just crossed a relieving thought: And it’s finally done! :D. But it just wasn’t.

In 2 seconds there came up an alert that email couldn’t be sent and I glitched for a moment. “What is this? That’s not supposed to be here! How it couldn’t be sent?!” I started clicking over tabs for sent, drafts and inbox and ZIIIIP! The app crashed.

After reopening it I quickly opened a draft, set the recipients again and sent the email. As I almost thought the worst is over, I checked my inbox to see if I received the email. And what I get to see? I see that obviously when the app crashed it deleted the last version of the email that was prepared to be sent out and I accidentally sent out an older version without the link to the store and without an apology for the iOS users for not receiving their beta version yet. Darkness fell on my eyes.

Then I had to open the last sent email, fix its content, set the recipients again and finally ended the Calvary. When I checked my received mail and all was in place I was just…

On the other side of the room on the couch things were going on a lot smoother. Gorazd introduced the present part of the team and told about the big announcement that the core team is heading to Malaysia at the end of August for a few months to participate in the GameFounders gaming accelerator. Then followed Blaž who went through the tutorial of the Fur Fight and explained why and how everything in the game works. This was then followed by all of them actually going into the game and playing a few rounds with people who first downloaded it. At the end we got a few questions in the comments and the team willingly answered them and also told something about the future plans.

And this was our first live stream. 😀

At the end there was only one useless extra mail in our subscribers Inboxes and a lot of fun under their fingers after installing our Fur Fight Beta. 😉

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