Last blog before Fur Fight Beta!

Our time is up! Now it’s your turn!
We really did our best and tomorrow, on Thursday the 14th of July at 8pm (CET), we will finally release our Fur Fight Beta.

We at Team Red Panda are trying to spread the awareness about destroying and contaminating the living areas of many animals. This two reasons and also wild hunting, the cruelest of them, are a few of the main causes why some of the species are already extinct and a lot of them are facing it now/will face it in future.

In our upcoming game (Fur Fight :P) we would like to address this problem with our choosing of available characters where each of them represents one endangered or somehow deprived species. We think that this can be a fun and interesting way to get a lot of people thinking about this problem.

Therefore – Fur Fight, a game with a cause!

Fur Fight Red Panda Slow Lorris Meerkat Lemur

There will be plenty of things in beta and even more later after whole game release!

Simple to understand tutorial, lots of nice hand-painted pictures and great animatics, furry characters with specific abilities and last but not last well-designed arenas where exciting battles will occur. And also not to forget later when the full game is released there will be shiny awards for the winners!

We would appreciate if you would give us back as much feedback as you can so we can fix the bugs that might have slipped our work and improve the game and make it even better.

Maybe you can share with us some ideas for:

  • new characters
  • new arenas
  • crazy weapons
  • general user experience improvements
  • whatever you feel =D

We will review in detail all of your feedback and take in consideration all of your ideas, comments and bug reports when we will work on our future builds.

You can always reach to us through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (and of course mail) and we will be glad to reply.

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