Grand Revelation: Beta Release date

Fur Fight Team Red Panda beta release launch indie development mobile games gaming

The wait has paid off! You will finally have a chance to meet our funny but fierce characters: Red Panda, Meerkat, Lemur and Slow Lorris.

We are proud to lastly reveal the release date for our Fur Fight beta version! 😉

Some of you have been waiting for it for almost a year and we are very happy that our work is finally giving some fruits to the eagerly expecting fans.

For some of you that may not already know what a ‘beta release’ is here is a picturesque comparison. Imagine a chef being informed that he will be preparing a dinner for some very high class guests in the near future. Because our chef would like to give the incoming clients the best experience with the consumed dinner, he wants to make sure that his meals will be top of the top. So he calls a group of his friends and prepares them the same things that he planned to make for the anticipated guests. He then serves them the meals and listens to his friends’ comments very thoroughly and implements the logical ones into his cooking for the grand dinner.

That’s exactly what we will do after 14th of July when our beta version of Fur Fight will be released to the public at 8pm (CET).

We will try to get as many of critics as we can. That’s why you need to try out our game and tell us what needs to be fixed, improved, added, deleted, changed or anything else that you think is missing/should be there!

We invite you to download our beta app next Thursday (14th of July) at 8pm (CET) from your store and test it. If you live near New York that will be at around 3pm:00 and if you live somewhere around California the release will happen at around 12pm.

You should play it and try it out with as many of your friends as possible. =P

You can already apply for beta here to get a notification as soon as it’s released and be one of the first people to play it.

8 days left beta release launch fur fight team red panda indie game dev mobile games gaming

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