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Hello indie mobile games lovers!
Since we’ve been busy as bees working to bring you our Fur Fight, this blog has been a bit left behind. But now we got some new reinforcements in the team and decided it’s time to bring it back to life. We also realized that we haven’t properly introduced our team, nevertheless some of you may already know us pretty well. So now you will get a bit of insight into the progress of our team and maybe some new interesting facts about every member.

Blaž Jeršan Team Red Panda Fur Fight

Blaž Jeršan

Gorazd Rajar Team Red Panda Fur Fight

Gorazd Rajar

The team was established in early 2015 when Gorazd (our CEO) and Blaž (the lead developer) realized there is a huge gap in the mobile games on the real time multiplayer part. They’ve decided that since they had great passion and enthusiasm for games and also a lot of knowledge about computer sciences, 3D art design and diverse project management skills they should make (their) first steps in this new not yet developed area of otherwise very saturated mobile market.


Kaja Lipušček Team Red Panda Fur FIght

Kaja Lipušček

Matteo Fioretto Team Red Panda Fur Fight indie game games mobile

Matteo Fioretto

Not so long after that Kaja and Metteo joined the team. Their mission was to make the game come out to the players as appealing as it could. For that reason and based upon their best craftsmanship skills Kaja was seated on the throne for the visual part of the project and Matteo got engaged in the aspects regarding the sound.




For quite some time things were coming together pretty well, but at one point the team realized that if we really want to break the ice in a part of the ocean where few have tried to come up to the surface, a more numerous team is needed. That’s why Gorazd went on a trip to find and meet new team members / outworkers that would contribute to the team with their talent, motivation and skills.


Andraž Kržič Miha Benedik Matjaž Lamut Team Red Panda Fur fight indie mobile game games

Andraž Kržič                         Miha Benedik                    Matjaž Lamut

That’s when Miha, Andraž and Matjaž joined Team Red Panda. Andraž is in charge of the 2D part of design and also concept art (about which you can hear more about in Kaja’s earlier video blog post). Miha has to make sure everything runs fine with the Unity engine and Matjaž makes it so that pictures of all the artists and designers from team come to life through a cute animation. There is also Luka. Our outworker currently living in France and making our UI (we had no picture of him while this blog was forming, Luka sorry about that).


Nik Rus Team Red Panda Fur Fight indie mobile games game

Nik Rus

And also around 2 weeks ago my two pennies worth contribution joined as the PR guy. And now as promised in the introduction of the blog, I’ll share with you some funny information about each of us that you probably didn’t know about us 😉 :

Gorazd could transcribe to you every Friends episode since he watched all seasons at least 14 times =P

Blaž should be known as the awesomest brother in the world. He was one of the best LOL players in Slovenia and could have gone pro, but instead he started with Team Red Panda and passed all his knowledge to his younger brother who is now a pro-LOL player 😉

If you ever find yourself without a song-recognition app during a Disney movie, Kaja is the right address to ask which song is playing in the background. She know’s them all by hearth =D

Matteo is Italian 😛

Funfact about all of us: we are actually moles, working in a windowless office! 😀

Member of the Team Red Panda on the sun

Member of the Team Red Panda on the sun

You can contact us on twitter @Team_RedPanda or any of our other social network accounts for more fun facts or anything regarding our game, work, us etc.


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