Starting with a Bam! (boo) – New Year’s News

Hey guys, first of all sorry for the prolonged silence on the blog. We got caught in a mix of demanding tasks, food marathons and travels during the holiday season. These reasons have kept us away from updating you but this doesn’t mean that we have spent all this time just eating sweets… (maybe).

All the aspects of the game are currently being revisited, polished and changed when needed. From animations to sounds everything should now be more consistent and coherent with our vision and should bring the engaging and funny gameplay that we want to achieve.
These improvements that we are working on, should allow us to present a better version of our game for the upcoming events that we are planning to attend later this month: the Pocket Gamer Connects 2016 and the MGF 2016 both of which will be held in London.

Personally I’m also going through a change in the way of working with the team. I moved back to Italy so this means that I will have to discuss and deliver my work mostly over the internet. I’m still finishing to setting up my working place here to be fully operative but I will keep you updated on how things will evolve.
I’m not too far from the Team Red Panda main base so I’ll still be able to suddenly jump by the rest of the team for a visit.

Lots of other news about the team and the game will be coming soon, we don’t want to reveal you everything too soon and spoil the surprise.

Needless to say we have high hopes for this year since it should be the one in which our work will be released to public. *finger crossed and touching wood* We have still a lot to do but we are working on it and our resolution for this year will be to bring you the best product that we can make.
I cannot close this post in other way if not sending you our best wishes for a great year, may your ambitions and projects get real along with good health and tons of fun!

What are your wishes and resolutions for this 2016?

Let us know in the comments below.

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