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Hi everyone!


Take-off from Ljubljana Airport

I’m writing to you from the Zürich airport. I’m heading towards Denmark. Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Games Business Conference 2015 in Aalborg. It’s one of the only business-only oriented gaming conferences in Europe. And it’s the perfect timing for me to attend such a conference.

Only two countries away from Slovenia, I still have to take 6 flights to get to Denmark and back :). The conference only lasts one day, but it seems like a must go. We really need to dig into the business side of the game development. Getting the knowledge, the good practices, hearing the stories of failed or successful games is very important at this part of the development. Maybe even more important, the conference has a networking oriented party afterwards. There I hope I’ll meet some new people that could in some way help us create and launch a successful game. Another interesting thing is that all attendees of the conference will receive a free GameAnalytics report “Monetization and localization in Nordic countries”. Cool!

Currently we have a solid alpha build, ready for pitching. At this point my main job is getting us a solid publisher to publish our game on mobile app stores. It’s almost a mission impossible for an indie team to invest and properly run the marketing campaign for our game. That is why we are looking for a partner that would get the game seen once it is released. We’re already talking to a couple of agencies that do that. The conference in Aalborg is also a place where I could potentially meet important people from the industry. Hopefully they will be there 🙂

Meanwhile, the team at home is very productive. They just started creating some character assets like weapons, helmets, armour and it looks really cool. Check out our Instagram profile, we’re uploading images and videos all time 😉

Talk to you soon.

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