Rework of our Ability Maker

Hello guys,

the last few weeks I was gradually remaking our Ability code. I wanted to preserve all of the functionalities we already had, but also make them easier to use simultaneously. I wanted to make it easy to prototype new abilities without writing a lot of code. And also improve sound and animation trigger timing.

In the end I split everything into “Ability Components” (ie. ProjectileAC, TeleportAC, MoveAC, WaitAC, …) that can be mixed and matched to make whatever kind of ability we think of. The cool part about this approach is that every new Ability Component we make, can easily be reused in other abilities using a single line of code with different parameters (range, ability effect, velocity, duration, etc.).

I don’t want to bore you with any more explanations, so I just made a few funny abilities to show to you.

Circle of death – character does a circle while throwing knives all around

Triple slash – character does a charging attack, then teleports to a new position (repeat x3)

Randomness – character does 5 different attacks at once

The top 3 attacks are pretty bad game-play wise but I just wanted to do something quick, to show how we can combine effects and movement paterns. Next step: Finish ability animations and start working on particle effects to make them all look smashing.

If you got any cool ideas that we can try out post them below. I will try to make them and maybe share them in another blog post or on our facebook page.  And as always thanks for reading.

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