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Sorry for missing a blog post on Monday, but we had to take a day to gather all our thoughts after attending the Reboot Infogamer this past week. The event was huge. It had everything from big companies with huge booths, the latest in VR, e-sports events, cosplayers, tabletop games and also an Indie Hall where we were showing our game Battle Fur Bamboo for the whole event.

 Our setup before event start

The Indie Hall was a mix of smaller and bigger indie studios. With rows of tables for teams like us and booths for the bigger studios. There were 31 indie games in total to try out. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try out every single one, but was impressed with all the ones I tried.

Our setup was a computer screen showing an overview of the game that was being played on the mobile devices on the table. That way everyone could see what was going on in the game.

All of the 5 days were awesome with huge turnouts. Every day we came to the event a bit earlier to set up everything. After that we were mostly hanging out around our booth playing the game, watching others play and talking to all the people that came around.


 Playing Battle Fur Bamboo

It was amazing seeing people battle each other, seeing their emotions when they beat someone, when they fell into the river, hearing the occasional “double kill” cheer thrown in and having a lot of fun.

Overall the event was a huge success. We met a lot of awesome people and made new friendships and connections. We had a lot of people try out our game, some even came back to have another go. It is always the best feeling when you see people having fun with something you made. We got a lot of good feedback and new ideas to try out in the following weeks. It was also a big morale boost for the team and recharged our motivation for the project.

We would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to present our game at such a huge event, all the new friends we made and of course everyone of you that came and tried out our game.

Check out our photo album below 🙂

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