New map unveiling at Reboot Infogamer (Pictures!)

Hey guys!

The team at Reboot Infogamer

So the team is in Zagreb, presenting the game at Reboot Infogamer. The event is huge! So many developers, visitors, screens, games… Companies like Blizzard, Ubisoft, Super Enix are showing off with their big booths and screens 🙂 Event is happening in 3 big halls and the indie hall alone probably has a few hundred screens inside. We tried a few of the new games and some of them are really awesome. It’s a really cool event, we’re enjoying ourselves a lot. Come check it out, if you’re anywhere near Zagreb.

So, on Monday I promised that we’ll show you the new map design. We always keep to our promises, so here it is! 😉

Ta daaa!

 Ta daaa!

We like th new models and textures.

 New map models and textures, finally!

People find the fighting really fun

 People find the fighting really fun

Some elements need some more polishing (ok, remaking..), but we’re quite satisfied with the general looks. Kaja did a great job with the textures. Also, the layout seems to be really fun to play. Any ideas, comments or feedback is more than welcome and will definitely be taken into account in future development. So please do use the form below 😉

Come back on Monday, we’ll have a video surprise for you 😉

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