Battle fur Bamboo – Why is it..? (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about what Battle fur Bambo is. Now, I’m going to tell you why we chose to create such a game. So why is it…

…a 3D real-time multiplayer game?
Almost a year ago me and our coding guy Blaž were debating on why there are no real-time multiplayer games on the mobile market. The desktop market is full of them – the games where you and your friends coexist in the same 3D universe, interacting and competing with each other. But not on mobile. Mobile app stores are full of “one finger tap” games that we find quite shallow. Why are there no 3D multiplayer games on mobile platforms? We had to do the research on why that is. Here is what we found out:

    1. 3D needs premium devices – it’s only been in the last few years that 3D games came marching over the mobile market. The performance of the devices in the past just wouldn’t allow a decent 3D experience on an average device. Or at least developers of that time thought so. The fact is that 3D on mobile is doing just fine these days and there are more and more successful 3D games out there. But they are usually single player games.
    2. 3D is hard to make – mobile game developers are afraid of going into 3D. Yes the 3D development pipeline is much longer than in 2D, and yes, you have to have a decent team to pull it off. The initial return on investment metric might not be as high as with 2D games. But we believe adding this extra dimension to the art and gameplay enables us to create a much deeper and joyful experience.
    3. Wireless networks are not reliable – This one concerned us a lot. But we found out, it is not entirely true. We researched networking systems and later developed a few of our own. And we are very much satisfied with our last version of the networking system. You still need an “OK” connection, but even a good 3G would do. We realize that the game might not be available to all players at all times, but we think that a good “almost” will do in our case. There are some successful 2D multiplayer games, that have almost as complex networking system as we do, and we’re confident we can make the user experience at least as good as they did.
    4. No one was successful before – The truth is that only a few have tried it. And most of them didn’t do it in a way that would have a potential of success. It seems that there is just too much risk for a well established studio in this type of games.
    5. A fan base is required
      Well this is where you come in! 😉
      A multiplayer-only game needs a wide base of players that will play the game right from the release and in the coming weeks. We have some plans how to solve this problem, but in the end it’s going to come down to getting as much of your support as we can get at the release 🙂
    6. Ergo, a project like this can be pulled off – and we are determined to make it so!

Devlopment in progress :)

Stay tuned, next time I will explain why Battle fur Bamboo is:
– a jungle themed game
– a double-stick input game
– a free to play, not pay to win game

2 thoughts on “Battle fur Bamboo – Why is it..? (part 1)

  • Hey guys i relay enjoyed your artical as you guys know im working on Ander but on the side im also working on a 3d multiplayer game for mobile called Jelly Terror, we are a team of 12. What you guys sead here i totally agree with and you guys can count on my support keep it up

    • Thank you very much! Your support really means a lot to us and we are glad that you enjoyed our article. Your Jelly Terror seems also very funny with a lovely colorful jelly world, we would not be able to see gummy bears in the same way again!

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