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Hello everyone 🙂

So, since our game is an multiplayer intended to be played by four people, it almost logical that we have four different main fluffy characters. But which animals did we choose and just how fluffy are they? Just keep on reading and find out everything about them.

Our first character is (by no surprise) the sophisticated Red Panda.

Our red panda is a lazy, sleepy, hungry and playful character. Usually we find her laying on the thick strong tree branches, or sleeping in the shadows beneath them. Mostly she keeps to herself, as in her mind, she is far more superior than the other creatures. She interacts with others only if forced to or it’s in any way beneficial for her. She is secretly planning to rule all the other creatures, mainly so that others would bring food to her, and she wouldn’t have to do a thing. Since she can easily make fun of the meerkat and can push him around, he is her ultimate play-buddy (not willingly).

Which brings us to our next character, the cautious Meerkat.

Meerkat is a cautious creature, just like all the meerkats. On the outside he is nervous and a bit paranoid. He is always aware of everything going on in his line of sight. He is often visually scanning the area for potential danger. If he hears a crack in the distance, his focus immediately turns towards the sound. At this times he rises to his toes, standing totally still, only turning his head towards potential danger. Safety always comes first, even if in the middle of the conversation. All that behaviour makes him look less intelligent that he really is. He is neither confident, nor shy. He does not care about his image to the outside world.

Our third character is the mischievous Lemur.

Lemur is a male self-proclaimed alpha animal in the local forest. He is extremely self-centered and not really intelligent. He looks down on other animals and let’s them know it. He is the most arogant animal of all. He cares just for his own pleasure. He thinks he should be the king of the forest. He has a kind of evil character. He is often throwing things at other animals and laughing at his bad sense of humour. He is extremely silly and looks for fun in every situation.
 -Lemur is partly inspired by Dreamworks’ King Julian from the Madagascar cartoons.

And last but not least, the adorable Slow Loris.

Slow Loris is in fact slow and moves around very very slowely, but nevertheless he is very thoughtful and intelligent. But most of all, he knows how to adapt his slowness to his advantage. His slow movement really disturbs the environment and doesn’t make a sound, which makes him almost invisible to others, since he can easily hide between the tree branches and leaves. He is also a night creature, so he can play tricks on others while they are sleeping, not suspecting anything. He is also very, very cunning.


character-design copy

So here they are, all ready to be modelled and start causing commotion in our game. What do you think? Which one do you like best? Want to know more about them? Just let us know in the comments below and we’ll tell you more…

You can also contact us through our facebooktwitter or instagram page. Any feedback is welcome.

Have fun and stay tuned for our new blog, coming soon 😉

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