Battle fur Bamboo – what is it?

Hey folks. It’s time for us to demystify the details about our game Battle fur Bamboo. For starters – here is the first screenshot of the game! Just made it on my device. Keep in mind that the appearance of the game will be boosted significantly before the release of the game.


So what is it?

  1. A 3D real-time multiplayer game
    In the game, you play live with your friends or other players in a virtual 3D universe. This type of a game is rare on mobile markets, but thriving on desktop computers. We’re trying to bring fun multiplayer action to your mobile devices.
  1. A top down shooter game
    Core game mechanics are simple. You control a furry animal character and using your abilities you aim at your opponents and try to hit them. One who kills the most players wins the round. While fighting, chasing and running, you have to also be careful about the map mechanics. Maps will feature a few different types of interaction.
  1. A timed arena based game.
    The game is set on a closed map where you get a chance to do your best, fighting your opponents on other devices. Once you die, you get re-spawned and you are ready to fight again. The rounds are short and last up to 2 minutes.
  1. A jungle themed game
    The game set is a jungle-ish environment where furry animals still dominate the land. Red panda, lemur, meerkat and the slow loris will be the first four animal classes of our game. Each with a different humorous character, specific weapons and abilities. The maps will feature natural environments.
  1. A character customization game
    The title of the game ‘Battle fur Bamboo’ implies the main objective of the game is to get as much bamboo as possible. You earn golden bamboo after each fight and you use bamboo to customize your character with items you choose form a range of clothes, armor and weapons.
  1. A double-stick input game
    The user input is split into two controls – the movement control (on the left) and fire control (on the right). The circles act as touch-pads for one finger of each hand. Using the movement control (left) you move across the map. Using the fire control (right) you aim around yourself. You shoot by releasing the fire control. The two circles resemble the analog sticks of the traditional console controllers.
  1. A truly free-to-play game
    The game will come up in the “free” category on app stores. Not only that, the game is NOT going to be “pay to win” in any sense. You won’t be able to purchase anything that would make you more powerful in the game. The only things you will be able to purchase are the visuals – beautiful and funny skins for weapons, clothes and armor.

The game is going to be released on iOS and Android platforms in early 2016!

Any feedback or questions about our game are more than welcome. Write us an email or contact usa via the games Facebook page! Seriously, just do it.

Until next time… 😉

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