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Hi there. This weekend Team Red Panda attended the Slovenian Games Conference hosted by the SloGameDev community at the Faculty of Computer Science in Ljubljana. The conference also featured an Indie expo where indie teams can show their games. We took this opportunity to present our multiplayer mobile game “Battle fur Bamboo” for the first time. Our goal was to get the word about our game out, gather as much feedback as possible and also see some of the talks.

Setting up our expo space.

Setting up our expo space.

The day started pretty early for us as we came to the conference at 8 am to set everything up. At around 10 am the first visitors started to check out all the indie games that were at the expo. There were a lot of funny moments when people that were trying our game for the first time competed against each other. We had a lot of fun playing versus new people and seeing how they react to our game. There were a lot of other cool games that we tried out and a lot of Indie developers to meet and talk about our games and experiences as game developers.

Overall the Conference was a big success. We listened to some very interesting talks and met a whole lot of cool people. We got a lot of positive feedback about our game and a lot of ideas for new abilities, powerups and general improvements. Our game even got into the top 4 games of the expo which was totally awesome.

After the conference there was an after party at Klub 300 where we chilled out with a few drinks and continued to talk about random stuff with the new friends we made during the day.

It is really awesome to see that the game developing scene started to develop at such a pace in Slovenia and we are happy to be a part of it. We are hoping to see more of the same in the future.

We would like to thank the organizers for all the hard work that went into organizing this amazing event, all the indies that attended and of course all the people that came and tried out our game.

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