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Fur Fight users map

Leaderboard resets as interesting statistics come in!

Hey folks. The Fur Fight open beta has been online for a few weeks now. We have a couple of hundred players now and interesting statistics are already coming in. Thanks to every...

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Fur Fight available on Google Play!

Hey dear followers! The day has come! After months of hard work, Team Red Panda is rolling out a major update to the Fur Fight Google Play open beta. [embed]https://www.youtu...

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Fur Fight beta update announcement

Beta update date set!

Hey people! I'll be short. Here is the thing I really want to share with you today: BETA UPDATE IS COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!!! It's going to be available on Google Play on Friday 31...

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Amur Leopard - concept art

Fixing things for the Beta update

Hey people! Team Red Panda still working hard in sunny and warm Kuala Lumpur. It's not bad, I have to say, currently around optimal 30°C. The temperatures in Europe went below ...

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Our Team

The recipe for success - diversity, inidvidual talent and teamwork
Being an all-rounder with both coding and art passions and degrees, it seems the gaming industry is my predestined home.
Been involved with a couple of web startups in the past. I love to live the startup life and I love to manage teams. I honestly feel I have one of the best jobs in the world :)
Free time reserverd for watersports.
Game Designer / Lead Developer
Been around computers since kindergarden. Since then spent A LOT of time on computer games.
First met with programming at start of the primary school. Bachelor of Computer Science, finishing up Masters. Apart from computers and games I enjoy snowboarding and sailing.
Lead Artist
Started drawing since I saw the first animated feature. First with lots and lots of coloured pencils and then with all the super cool computer gadgets. Bachelor of Visual Communication Design and enrolled in an Interactive Animation course.
In my spare time I watch a lot of animated movies and dance.
Sound Artist
Audio engineer with a passion for gaming sound design.
Addicted to tech. Analogue one, digital one and anything in between.
Happy when banging a drum kit and playing basketball.
Love good cuisine. Maccheroni sound adorable too.
Bet you can’t beat me at Guitar Hero.
Unity Developer
Even as a child I considered myself a passionate game developer, drawing games on paper and making my own worlds in level editors of various games. Later studied computer science always with the goal of one day becoming a game developer.
Apart from computer games I also enjoy playing basketball, watching documentary movies and funny TV shows.
2D / Concept Artist
Drawing since I was very little, later studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Became interested in 3D animation and graduated at the Academy with an animation thesis.
After, discovered digital paiting and was working as a freelance illustrator for 8 years.
Graduated animation at the Vancouver Film School in early 2016.
Animator, passionate for games and being creative in general. It started out as a hobby, when I was modding games, later grew into a way to earn my living. Besides geeking it behind the computer, I like to hang out with people, hike in the mountains and cook.
PR / Community Manager
I always try to be connected with as much people as possible and also try to help different people with questions or when they’re in trouble. Both things go hand in hand when working as a PR/Community Manager and that’s why I enjoy doing things like this.

About us

Talent and sweat. The only way to take over the world.

Our team was founded in Ljubljana, Slovenia in early 2015 by Gorazd Rajar and Blaž Jeršan. With computer science degrees, experience in 3D graphic design, popular game engines and diverse project management skills from previous start-ups, they were confident about pulling off a successful creation of an independant game developing studio.

They saw an opportunity in realtime (synchronous) multiplayer games for mobile markets and anticipated a distant wave of realtime multiplayer games coming to mobile. They decided to try and surf at the front of that wave - Team Red Panda specialized in multiplayer games for mobile.

Soon two more founders joined the core team. Kaja Lipušček came in with great artistic talent and Matteo Fioretto with skills in game audio design. Team Red Panda was born!

Why red panda? Because red panda is the single most awesome animal in the world!

Next? Well, dominating the world of course.